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During the summer of 1981, in a small village in Northern Greece with a passion for baking and a dream to make something of himself, Chris began working at a little bakery called Serano. With much trial and error and mountains of flour and dough, Chris baked the first of many European-inspired desserts. After moving to Toronto with his brother Kosta and believing that anything was possible, it became clear that something special could come from bringing homemade European desserts to the Canadian market. In 1994, alongside his wife Sophia and brother Kosta, they opened their very own Serano Bakery in the heart of Greektown. Opening up a family-run bakery amongst many others was a challenge. Still, with the help of the whole family, hard work, and the support of their community Serano Bakery flourished to become a place where you could get traditional European desserts with a modern twist.

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