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Welcome to Café Serano, the sister store to Serano Bakery. We are a family run business with an unwavering dedication to providing the freshest products made from wholesome ingredients. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, together with bringing you and your loved ones a little taste of Greece.


Café Serano is a unique local coffee shop aiming to provide high-quality coffee coupled with outstanding service. Our café is where people can come and enjoy their favourite drink with a fresh bakery product, pita or sandwich.  Every detail from the ingredients used in our products right down to the boxes we have imported from Greece that you can take your delicious products home in were all carefully thought out to give you the same experience as if you were in a café in Greece.


We offer a selection of Greek Pies, Pastries, Breads, Gelato and delicious coffees. All our items are homemade, just like in Yiayia’s kitchen, where everything is made with love.

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